have you ever seen another man’s dick?

-have you ever seen a man naked?
-what do you mean, dick also?
-…yeah you could say i have seen a dick.
-someone elses?
-yeah a dick that is not mine, yes i have seen more than i would like actually.
-oh god!(pointing at woman) are you ok with it?how …your brother is gay!
-(woman)what made you say that? i am about to be married to him actually.
-but you see dicks so you are okay with the gay?
-ok with the gay? so you have never seen another man’s dick?
-ha what he is saying, never! i am a man..lover. real man lover with my wife.
-i see, so have you never watched porno, or come across it in a movie? or run into awkward situations in real life?
-ha he is talking about movie!yes in movie i have seen but i skip. it is not counted. but what is it you are talking about the real life?
-well it is one of those times you just can’t do anything about..something i rather not discuss right now.
-personal ha?so you are swinging to both sides haa madam, lucky you.
-if you must know, i was talking about the time i was stuck in traffic for over 3 hours beause…
-what has that got to do with anything?!
-the traffic jam was because of a baba walking down the road in his birthday suit followed by the rest of the population of that town..